Instagram Updates to Watch For in 2022

by | Mar 22, 2022

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Instagram Updates to Watch For in 2022

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Instagram started as a photo-sharing app and was mainly used for fun and entertainment with family and friends. Now Instagram has become a major social media platform that can be used for business purposes, too. How has Instagram made this shift? Updates! Instagram is always updating and evolving its platform to fit in with the trends of the digital world. This year, the app is releasing new ways to engage audiences and shop online. Here are a few new Instagram updates that you’ll likely see in 2022!

Reply to reels with another reel

Reels were last year’s “next big thing” for Instagram, so how will it remain in the limelight in 2022? You can now reply to comments on your reel with another reel. Instagram explained it as “You can now reply to a comment with a reel that includes that comment as a sticker. Your reply reel will appear in the comment thread and everywhere you share reels.” If your business gets lots of questions or comments on reels, this could be a great option to directly engage with your audience.

Discounts and free shipping for shopping on the app

People love free stuff! Instagram is offering $5-$10 off or free shipping for first-time in-app purchases (maybe for a limited time or select items). This proves that Instagram isn’t just a place for pretty pictures anymore, but that it’s also a shopping platform. While the store features are fairly new on this app, it has turned into a significant shopping hub. Users can easily find brands they love (because they are probably already following them), get recommended products that they will want to buy, and then share their favorites with their followers.

Changes to suggested and chronological feeds

Don’t like what you see in your feed? You may like this new feature that gives you the option to view posts in chronological order and choose what kinds of posts you see first. This allows users to have more say over the type of content they’re seeing and their overall scrolling experience.

Badges for US creators

You might see a badge on certain Instagram profiles that shows they are US creators and get paid for the live content they’re creating. This is part of an initiative to recognize international creators with different eligibility requirements. If you meet the requirements, this will help you bring in a source of revenue and direct more traffic to your content. These badges will help some Instagram users know which accounts they can connect with and more easily discover new Instagram influencers.

Text to speech and voice effects on reels

Here’s another new feature on the reels — text to speech and voice effects. This reels tool allows for an auto-generated voice to read your text aloud. This is a helpful alternative if you don’t want to use your own voice or just want to add a fun twist to your video. You even have the option to choose a voice or modify the audio. Both of these updates let your business stay trendy and get creative with video!

Other Trends You May Have Missed Last Year!

As we’ve been navigating the app and doing research, we’ve come across some other cool features that were introduced last year-ish. You may have already heard about them, but if not, we wanted to share!

  • Story links — Anyone can add a link to a story now, not just accounts with 10,000+ followers.
  • “Add Yours” — Popular story stickers that ask users to share their own story based on that particular prompt along with a photo.
  • Parental Supervision Tools and Limits — New features allow parents to monitor their children’s accounts like how much time they spend on the app, who they message with, and who they follow. Limits allow you to control the kind of comments and DMs you see.
  • Instagram Live scheduling – Brands can now schedule and promote their Live up to 90 days in advance. This allows you to remind your customers of your event and make sure they don’t miss out on the fun!

Closing Thoughts

As Instagram continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see what new changes come our way! If you’re on Instagram, comment on social media and let us know your favorite Instagram updates in 2022 (and which ones you might not like). We’d love to hear from you!

Is social media not your thing? That’s totally cool because it’s ours. If you need help establishing your social media presence, building a following, or simply staying up-to-date on the trends, reach out to us at Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, NE. Give us a call at 402-788-2896 to talk to the social media experts!

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