Infographic on infographics


Visual marketing is a trend that doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon, and for good reason. Just like video content, visual content is growing in popularity, thanks in large part to social media. Social media users are beginning to tune out written content that requires analytical thinking and are instead turning to easy-to-digest visual content.

Don’t believe us? Take a look around your morning breakfast table tomorrow and see how many people are reading a physical newspaper compared to the number scrolling through social media pages, liking and following illustration-heavy content.

In today’s digital marketing age, people want fast, easy-to-digest content, such as illustrations and visuals, over a lengthy content-heavy blog or newspaper. Visuals are popular because they don’t require the need for decision making and thorough analysis. Instead, just by glancing at an illustration or graphic, a viewer can typically figure out the message.


Harness the Power of Infographics and Other Visuals

Fortunately, there are many professionals out there who specialize in creating captivating graphics and illustrations. Hiring a professional is a worthwhile investment that helps businesses remain competitive in the digital age.

Visual storytelling, especially the use of infographics, is a great way for businesses to connect with an intended audience. For those who don’t know, infographics are a type of illustration asset that is usually made up of pictures, charts, diagrams, and other graphics. Opposed to lengthy reports filled with difficult-to-understand data and analytics, infographics make data easier to read and interpret, therefore, they’re more popular among viewers. Additionally, many modern infographics are easy to share across a variety of social media platforms to reach a broad audience.

Illustration assets, such as infographics and other visuals, are beginning to play an even bigger role in marketing campaigns. These visuals, whether created by an in-house illustrator or via outsourcing, are a great way to add value to blogs and websites. They make the content more engaging and have a better likelihood of eliciting an emotional response from viewers. Additionally, by incorporating original visuals into a marketing strategy, you can give your campaign a customized look that will help it stand out from competitors. So, if you have yet to try illustrated assets, now is the time to dive right in.

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