How Has Marketing Changed in The Last 10 Years?

by | Apr 15, 2019

Marketing History

A decade makes a world of difference. In a 10 year span, you would expect things like fashion, music, and technology to change. But, did you think about changes in the marketing industry? As society shifts, marketing shifts with it.

Arguably, the last 10 years have seen the greatest technological growth ever. In 2009, the iPhone was two years old, Android was in its infancy, and Samsung’s S9110 was the only smartwatch on the market. With many of these pieces of tech being so new, many consumers received marketing messages through offline mediums such as newspapers, magazines, and directories.

In 2019, the consumer that would have been reading a physical copy of the newspaper is now reading that newspaper online (probably on their mobile device). Likewise, the consumer that watched the television for news is now browsing through social media to receive the news. The average consumer spends about two hours a day browsing their five social media accounts. As people’s attention shifted from offline to online media, marketing followed suit.

With the rise of online media, the type of messaging marketers use had to evolve. 10 years ago, the content in marketing was primarily writing that engaged with consumers through pieces that attacked the competition. This is aptly called push marketing. This type of messaging wears on the customer, which is why consumers generally prefer pull marketing.

Pull marketing is intended to draw the consumers into your brand by nurturing them over time, making them grow and love your product or service. Instead of relying solely on writing, marketing content now includes video, infographics, social media posts, images, blogs, e-books, and the list goes on! Pull marketing targets the right customers at the right time, and pulls them in to learn more about your product or service.

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With the numerous types of content used now, it is more crucial than ever for a brand to be consistent across all mediums. It takes an average of ten touch-points for a customer to trust a company or business and purchase from them. It is crucial for a brand to have these touch-points be as consistent as possible for the customer. When a customer sees your brand and its message on social media, it should match to the message on your website. Likewise, the message your brand is conveying online should match the message it is conveying offline in your physical location.

Just like fashion and music have changed in the last decade, so has marketing. Customers don’t want to feel like they are being sold to anymore, they want to feel like you are on their side. Today’s marketing shows consumers how your product or service makes their lives better.

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