Hidden Google Easter Eggs

by | Apr 12, 2022

hidden google easter eggs

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Have you ever heard of Google’s easter eggs? Before we get started, we have to clear something up — Google easter eggs have absolutely nothing to do with the holiday of Easter. But no matter the fact, it’s still a great time of year to talk about these surprises throughout the internet, so just stick with us here! There are quite a few secret messages, amusing jokes, and fun games hidden on Google that you probably didn’t know about. Simply search the following phrases in the Google search bar, and you’ll be in for a treat.

Hidden Google Easter Eggs

“Do a barrel roll” – Type this into the Google search bar and hit enter. The screen will spin around!

“Google in 1998” – Want to travel back in time? Check out how Google looked in 1998.

“Google Pacman” – Feeling nostalgic? Play a game of Pacman on Google.

“The loneliest number” – This easter egg comes from the song “One is the loneliest number” by Three Dog Night.

“Askew” – The page will tilt to one side.

“Atari Breakout” – Play a round of Atari Breakout, a retro arcade game.

“Bletchley Park” –  This easter egg pays homage to the British codebreakers of World War II.

“Conway’s Game of Life” – Conway’s Game of Life is a “zero-player game” that stimulates cell growth.

“Google birthday surprise spinner” – A wheel will spin with different surprises for your Google birthday.

“Legally Blonde” – Check out the little pink purse as a reference to the movie Legally Blonde.

“I’m feeling…” – Type in how you’re feeling, like hungry, curious, adventurous, etc., and you’ll get some results to satisfy your mood.

“DVD screensaver” – A fun easter egg that turns your screen into a screensaver like those on old DVDs.

“Assistant regional manager” – Google must be a fan of “The Office”. Check out the “did you mean” section for a laugh.

“Flip a coin” – Not sure whether to go left or right? Let Google flip a coin for you.

“<blink>” – The text will blink on and off.

“Anagram” – This easter egg will unscramble an anagram for you.

“Google easter eggs” – This easter egg shows a list of all the other easter eggs that Google has hidden. 

Bonus: The next time you lose your internet connection while on Google Chrome, look for the little dinosaur then press the space bar. You might not have any internet, but you can still play games!

How Are Google Easter Eggs Made?

Google has been hiding easter eggs for years now, and some of them are incredibly intricate. But how do they make these easter eggs?  In order to create an easter egg, the Google team has to come up with a hidden message or feature, code it in, and then test it extensively to make sure that it works properly. Let’s take a look.

One of the easter eggs that Google created is the “Atari Breakout” easter egg. To create this easter egg, the team at Google used an algorithm that recreated the game using HTML and JavaScript. They also used images from the original game to make it look as accurate as possible.

Another easter egg is the “Google in 1998” easter egg. This easter egg was created using the Wayback Machine, which is a digital archive of the internet. The team at Google used this tool to find old versions of websites and recreate them.

Sometimes these easter eggs are months or even years in the making! Of course, not all easter eggs are created equal. Some are simply amusing, while others are more complex and require some sleuthing to find. But that’s all part of the fun, right?

Closing Thoughts

These easter eggs show that Google is not only a powerful search engine but also has a sense of humor. The next time you’re feeling bored, why not do a search and see what fun easter eggs you can find? Which easter eggs are your favorite? Let us know in the comments on social media! Happy Easter and Happy Hunting!

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