Happy Birthday Shannon and Travis!

by | Nov 10, 2014

At the risk of getting in trouble for revealing their ages, we’re going to tell all of you a little secret: Travis and Shannon both turned/are turning 40 this year. Travis’ birthday was back in September and Shannon’s birthday is this Wednesday! Since this is such a milestone year for them and they are so wonderful to all of us, we wanted to show them how much they mean to us, so a couple of us wrote a little something for them. Happy Birthday, Shannon and Travis! We hope you have (or had) a wonderful Birthday and we hope your 40’s are amazing!

From April:
I’ve known Shannon and Travis for several years prior to my start at Transformation Marketing, and I’m thrilled that I get to spend more time with them now that I’m working with here! The office is warm, welcoming, and inviting – just like like the people who built it!

From Heather:
Throughout my employable years I’ve learned that a boss can make or break an entire work experience. And Shannon and Travis have a knack for making work seem less like, well, work. Between impossible deadlines and stressful projects, they somehow keep the mood around the office lighthearted and fun. They give us the freedom to push our skill set and to find creative ways to better serve our clients, and give us encouragement through it all. Happy birthday Shannon & Travis – thanks for being the best bosses!

From James:
A couple weeks after I had started working at Transformation, I had to write a blog, and in it, I wrote that Shannon and Travis (and really everyone at TM) were so welcoming, that I felt I had been working there for months and months – rather than just a couple of weeks. Now, I’m closing in a year, and it is so great to hear Shannon say things like: I can’t believe that it hasn’t even been a full year that our team has been working together. It feels like we’ve all known each other for so much longer.
The welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that Shannon and Travis have cultivated is why I really appreciate and enjoy working at Transformation. They have both been tremendously supportive, and having their guidance makes me excited for my future here.

From Lacy Jo:
When I came to work for Shannon and Travis, I had just come from a company where my boss wasn’t so nice, so getting to work for two of the kindest and most caring people (not to mention bosses) was a breath of fresh air. Since working for them, I can’t even count the times that they’ve fearlessly backed me up, compassionately forgiven me, let me learn/work in my own way on my own time, had the faith in me to let me try new things, and encouraged/enabled me to continue to grow. They’ve gotten to know me and my family so that they can connect with me on a personal level and they have always made me feel like I am a valuable part of the company. I’ve always said that if a boss can take care of their employees, their employees will take care of their customers and I think Shannon and Travis prove that with each and every one of us. We are all so invested in the dream and vision Shannon and Travis have begun for Transformation Marketing, that we feel the company and those customers are just as much ours as they are theirs. That doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes amazing, empowering people to make that happen. So, Happy 40th Birthday to two of the best leaders that a team could ask for!

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