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When most of us think of the word marketing, we think about people selling goods or services. Sure, that’s the end goal in marketing, but connecting with our audience is most important. Connecting with our audience means showing them things they want to see, teaching them about things that they’re interested in, and most importantly, creating conversations between people.

Some may think that the digital age has decreased our ability to communicate with people around us. While that may be true when you’re trying to talk to someone who’s on their cell-phone, I believe that today’s technology is not only constantly changing the different ways that we communicate, it’s improving on them. Years ago, I would be more nervous to drive my seventeen-year-old car 40 minutes to work today than I am now, because back then, getting stranded was more of a big deal. Now I can pull my cell phone out of my pocket and make a phone call to AAA and be back on the road in no time if my car breaks down. Consumers today are engaging with more people online than ever on a daily basis, which makes creating engaging content increasingly important, especially where social media is concerned. Word of mouth has turned into ‘shares’ on social media sites, and the more your audience can connect with your brand, the more likely they will be to share your content.

For decades, companies have used visual aids to help get their message across, from photographs and videos to newspaper advertisements and billboards…and everyone has an uncle, a sister, or a cousin who knows how to make logos and design brochures. There are so many designers out there…but knowing how to put words on a page and make them look pretty simply is not enough. Graphic design is an important part of the marketing process. It may not be the most important piece, but the two go hand in hand. You simply cannot properly convey your message you your audience with a great marketing plan and a poor design, nor can you get an amazing design across to your audience without a solid marketing plan to back it up. Chances are, you wouldn’t want to eat a restaurant that had only one employee to take orders, cook, do dishes, and bus tables. Why would you leave your marketing and design up to just one person? An able graphics and marketing team like Transformation Marketing can help you to ensure that you receive something tangible that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

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