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Happy Friday! The work week is winding down and everyone is looking forward to the weekend. If you are looking to kill a few minutes before the clock hits 5:00, check out some of these Google Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg #1
Type “Do a barrel roll” into the google search bar and press Enter. The search results page will do a spin! (“Do a barrel roll!” is a phrase made popular by the Nintendo 64 game Star Fox 64.)

Easter Egg #2
Type “Google gravity” into the search bar and click the first result that pops up, the whole page will tumble down! (The page still works!)

Easter Egg #3
Do you ever need help making a decision? Just ask google to flip a coin and google will play a coin flip animation and tell you if it’s heads or tails! (You can also ask google to roll a die for you!)

Easter Egg #4
Do you ever lose your internet connection? Of course you do! If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, then you will see a sad T-Rex saying Oh no! internet connection lost! If you see the T-Rex, press the space bar to start a game! Just press the space bar to make the T-Rex jump over the cacti!

Easter Egg #5
Type “Atari Breakout” into the search bar, then click the images tab. This will convert all the pictures into the Breakout game!

Easter Egg #6
If you type in “Super Mario Bros” into the search bar an info card will pop up with a flashing question mark box. Click the box to hear the classic “bling bling” noise!

Easter Egg #7
If you are looking for another quick game, type “zerg rush” into the search bar, then defend your screen from a flood of Google O’s! Keep clicking the O’s to beat them!

Google can be used for so much more than just looking up random facts or for work (ask google the meaning of life)! This is just the tip of the iceberg of all of the Google Easter Eggs out there! Go try them out and let us know what your favorite one is!

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