Different Personality Tests and How They Can Help Your Team

by | Dec 27, 2019

Many business owners have heard that they can use personality tests to help their team. However, not all business owners have been informed of the various potential benefits of using personality tests. With the right personality test for your setting and environment, you can unlock insights into how your employees think, feel, and behave. You can figure out how best to place employees and help them grow their skills and experience, and how to most effectively use their abilities together. You can also use personality tests for human resources data.

Personality tests can offer important information that would otherwise be difficult to get. This is true for businesses in industries of practically all types. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the different personality tests and how these can help your employees improve performance. Even though reputable personality tests may cost money, they can easily make up for this by improving your team’s productivity.


What Are Personality Tests?

Personality tests are assessments designed to identify your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Gaining this information helps you understand how to best interact with your employees and use them individually or as a team. With this data, you can better position your employees in projects suited to their interests, skills, and preferences. You can also avoid placing them in situations that they find frustrating or overwhelming. While your employees’ skills and abilities grow over time, improving how you use your employees is far more important for raising your bottom line and maintaining morale.

For example, say you have employees who are detail-oriented; this can make them well-suited for a research role in your next marketing campaign or company project. If other employees prefer collaborating with teammates, this could suggest that they would make a good project lead. This personality type may suit a role as a morale-builder who helps inspire and coordinate others. Personality tests can help you figure out which employees are right for these important tasks. These tests can also show who in your team can work well together and who cannot.


Which Personality Test Should You Use?

There are a number of popularly used personality tests to choose from. These include:

  • The Winslow Personality Profile
  • The Revised Neo Personality Inventory (Neo Pi-R)
  • Process Communication Model
  • The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • DISC Assessment
  • The Holtzman Inkblot Technique
  • The Personality Assessment System
  • Hexaco Personality Inventory

Each of these tests has its own unique approach with advantages and disadvantages. However, these are some of the most commonly trusted personality tests in the business world. Many major corporations use personality tests just like these to understand their employees and help their teams perform better.


How Can My Business Benefit?

Employees who take personality tests are given their results. Generally, experts recommend that employees should come together to discuss their personalities and their results. Employees should have an open discussion about their strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes.

When employees share their personality profile details with each other, it helps them better work together. Personality tests help with this by:

  • Teaching them how to resolve team conflicts
  • Showing what motivates them
  • Showing what stresses them
  • Helping them figure out how to best work together
  • Teaching them each others communication styles
  • Showing them how to better communicate with customers based on personalities

 In a personality test, there are no right or wrong answers. No personality trait is pitted against another. Instead, personalities are revealed so that team members can better coordinate and understand each other. Personality tests also help you and your team see how all personalities bring valuable contributions to the workplace when working in sync.

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