Contemporary Woods – Holiday Sale

by | Dec 30, 2015

Contemporary Woods is a unique business that still handcrafts custom furniture for home and office. They are the only craftsman of this nature in a 75-mile radius of Lincoln, NE. One challenge they have is to showcase their product in a way that people will easily understand the benefits of buying quality pieces that will last a lifetime instead of “cheap” furniture from big box stores. In this case, we wanted to lead into their busy 1st quarter months with a message that would resonate with consumers and one that they could relate.

We wanted to compare and contrast different buying options based on experience. We needed to show the downsides of buying inferior furnishings in a creative memorable way. We needed to highlight the pain points of buying cheap furnishings. Lastly, we created awareness of order dates before the holidays in order to get your quality piece in time for the holidays.

In efforts to compare and contrast different furniture buying experiences, we chose the direction of relating to the pains of buying inferior products and how that feels once you bring them home. When buying inferior products elsewhere customers have to assemble them at home, find they don’t work as well as expected or feel as durable, and top it all off with the sting of limited cost savings when they have to replace their furnishings more often.

We created a holiday scene where a family brought home a dining set, assembled it while mother worked all day creating the holiday feast. After a day of father/son bonding over their manly project, it was time for the much-awaited meal. As the anticipation grows over the golden turkey the downfalls of their perceived savings come crashing down.

This approach used whimsical humor through the talented actor’s facial expression and in the end creating a moment of reliability with our audience.

When launching this campaign we knew it would play within our general branding approach overall. I believe it did keep Contemporary Woods front of mind of area consumers leading into January and February 2015, which is their high sales months. We can attribute this campaign to increase web traffic as well. Total site visits were up 56% and new visits were up 57% over the same period the prior year.

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