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Creativity is simple, yet elegant. A creative mind turns into a seemingly harmonious chaos.  The thought of creativity is intimidating, but it get’s easier once you overcome that fear of failure. As stated in the previous blog, creativity and innovation cannot exist without one another, but one must lack—or minimize—the fear of failure in order to innovate and create.

As our Digital Marketing Strategist, Kyle Dump, said in the first creative blog post, creativity ebbs and flows. Flow might sound like an abstract concept, a loose verb that’s tagged to describe one’s own creative process, but it’s actually a psychological term. The State of Flow—aka “the zone”—is a mental state where one becomes fully immersed in an activity. When in flow, one merges themselves with the task, losing sense of space and time. A feeling of great inner clarity overcomes as you sit in the passenger seat and let your thoughts take the wheel.

The state of flow is created by a foundation of knowledge coupled with a challenging task. This is why constantly growing, applying and adapting your skill set is vital to thriving in your industry. Flow only occurs when your unique skill set and the challenge are higher than average, just above your comfort zone.

But balance is necessary, as a too challenging task creates anxiety while a lesser challenging task creates boredom and control. Control is nice, but flow creates the most optimal outcome.

This is exciting, even for the jobs deemed less creative. Similar to creativity, a foundation of knowledge varies from individual to individual, industry-to-industry. Sales, customer service, mathematics, marketing, science, all require their experts to solidify their own comprehensions. Couple this an equally challenging task and one can discover their own ways to create in their field; whether that be a blog post or improving the procedures of a factory job.

Here are some creative successes of Bean Team members: the challenges they have overcome with creativity and what they do during a creative block:

Shannon Filing—President

I have to be creative in a lot of ways- two areas that enjoy being creative the most is creating custom campaigns for clients and continued dedication toward driving TM forward. I believe these go hand in hand because if TM is innovative in our offerings for our clients we can drive continued positive results for them. Three years ago I took a long hard look at our company and saw that we were really excelling at producing positive results for our client using online marketing. I liked that we could provide our clients data showing the results our efforts garnered monthly and in comparison to traditional media (radio and TV for example), many clients find this refreshing and encouraging to account for their marketing dollars. During these last three years, we have refined how we use social media platforms, online paid ad space, and online content to drive results month after month. Along with that we have created a very detailed and thorough monthly reporting system. This allows us to be transparent and informative for our clients. Of course in Bean Team flare, we add creative elements to not only the campaigns for the clients but the way we present the monthly reports. 

Secondly, I like to hear from the client what their end goal is and their budget and create strategies that will work within those parameters. We will identify who their core audience should be and create content and ads that speak to that audience. We evaluate the campaigns throughout each month and offer continued refinement for the best results. No 2 campaigns are the same here. We create each one to fill very specific goals of our clients. 

Hallie Eickhoff—Social Media Intern

I express most of my creativity through writing, which can be very daunting when you view it as creating something out of nothing. Whether it’s turning a blank document into a short story or a blank calendar into a month of social media posts, it feels overwhelming at first; I try to tackle this in two ways. The first way is reading, which can help as both research and inspiration. Reading so you have background information on what you’re writing about is certainly important, but it can also give you a feel for a genre or style of writing. My second way to encourage creativity is to free write now and edit later. Sometimes you can feel so stuck that it’s good to just write it all down and then look through it later to see if you stumbled upon an idea you want to roll with.

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