Building Team Culture

by | Aug 1, 2019

Group of people shaking handsYou have likely spent a lot of effort in marketing your company to the outside world. You want to attract new customers, but you also need to consider your employees. Are your employees ready to handle the influx of customers you get from your marketing efforts? You can prepare your employees by building an amazing team culture at your office. This is much easier than you might think.


Make Your Organization Team Oriented

Building a team culture starts from the ground up. It needs to be a part of your organization’s overall culture. Add teamwork to your company’s values and explain that teamwork is part of your company’s foundation.


Empower Employees

Employers that are serious about building a team culture must be willing to empower their employees. Micromanaging is the opposite of empowerment. Give your employees responsibilities and encourage them to work with others to reach their goals. By giving employees tasks and resources, they will learn to thrive.


Award Teamwork

Instead of simply awarding individual accomplishments, begin rewarding successful teams. Offer bonuses and other awards when teams reach their goals. This will show that your company values collaboration and will cause others to jump on board and begin working with others.


Celebrate Teamwork

Don’t stop with an award. Create fun T-shirts or hats for teams that are successful. Have them wear the gear to work to celebrate their teams. This will show others that you reward success and that you like to have fun with it. When you make teamwork fun, more people will want to join in.


Use Icebreakers During Meetings

It’s hard to work as a team when team members don’t know one another. Hold department meetings and use icebreakers to help your employees to get to know one another. You don’t need to set aside a lot of time for this. A simple 10-minute icebreaker exercise will break down walls and help people know each other.


Have After-Hours Activities

It is hard to effectively build a team culture if everyone is inside the office every day. Schedule some after-hours activities to foster relationships between members of the team. You could volunteer as a team or go on a day-long retreat. You can even participate in some fun outdoor activities or have a monthly happy hour. Consider what your employees would most appreciate and make it happen. You will be amazed by how quickly your employees bond when they interact outside of the office.


Provide Access to Education

As a leader, you want to empower your employees to work together as a team. That is easier to accomplish when they are educated. Set aside money that employees can use for continuing education, such as attending workshops or speaking events. You can also set up some training inside your office.

The key is to encourage employees to access these opportunities as teams. They will learn and grow together and then collaborate with one another. As a bonus, your company will benefit from having an educated workforce that is on top of the latest industry developments.


Create Your Team

Your employees aren’t just workers. They are members of a potential team that can help your company rise to success. As your employees become more involved and successful, they will be ready to serve your customers better. Then those marketing efforts will pay off. Your marketing team will send customers your way, and your teams will be ready to satisfy them. That is the key to having a successful business.

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