Aubrie’s Year in Review – Year Two


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March marks two years at Transformation Marketing for our amazing graphic designer, Aubrie O’Connor! Over the last two years, she has had her hand in countless websites, logos, print ads, social graphics, animated videos, and a whole lot more. As our graphic design guru, she has served as a valuable asset on our team by turning her creative ideas into impressive results. We checked in with Aubrie to talk about projects, trends, inspiration, and memories. Keep reading to get Aubrie’s year in review for 2021-2022! 

Aubrie’s Year in Review


Favorite projects from this year?

While it’s hard to choose, her favorite projects would have to be Edgewood Family Physicians website redesign, Nebraska Bank banners, and The Cabin Golf website. On every project, Aubrie takes into consideration the client’s design preferences and target audience. Not only do her designs look pretty, but they’re effective. 

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New skills or programs learned this year?

Despite having her plate full of many projects, Aubrie still finds the time to sharpen her skills and learn new programs. Her eagerness to try new things has been a huge advantage to our team and what we can offer our clients. To name a few things, she has dove into learning Figma, Sketch, Anima, Drupal, and HMTL emails. 


Where have you drawn creative inspiration from recently? 

As our lead designer, Aubrie is constantly seeking out creative inspiration. Looking to other sources for inspiration helps grow innovative ideas and keep the momentum going. Her favorite places to find design inspo are Ui_Gradient via Instagram, Linkedin, PRINT Magazine, CA Magazine, local agencies, interior design, and restaurant menus. We all should take a page out of her book and find inspiration in places and things that surround us everywhere we go! 


Favorite new graphic design trends?

Graphic design is in a perpetual state of change, which keeps creators, like Aubrie, on their toes. Every year brings trends that seem to ebb and flow as new technology and styles arise. Recently, she’s been loving the ‘groovy’ style coming in with liquid, organic text as well as muted colors schemes and uncommon color matching that really makes the product stick out in a crowd. 

design trends


Favorite memory from this year?

Being a small team of eight, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well — including how easily Shannon is spooked and what her biggest fears are. One of Aubrie’s favorite memories from this year is Shannon’s blood-curdling scream when she found a mouse in the kitchen. She wasn’t in the kitchen with Shannon but heard it like she was right next to her. (And for those wondering, the mouse has since been taken care of for Shannon’s sake!)


What are you looking forward to in this upcoming year?

Aubrie puts it as simply as she could… “learning more!” Her goal is to keep learning new things every day. We don’t doubt that she will have any trouble doing that! 


In light of her two year anniversary, here’s what her bosses have to say about her:

“How quick 2 years has gone! Aubrie is a great team member with creative ideas. She can take initial concepts and bring them to digital life for our clients. From logo design, print design, website design and implementation, and even video work Aubrie exceeds expectations and provides value to our team and our clients!” – Shannon Filing, President 

“It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years! Aubrie is such an incredibly valuable member of our team! She’s incredibly talented and creative and is ALWAYS eager and willing to go the extra mile for our clients and for her team. It’s been a joy getting to know Aubrie over the last few years and I can’t wait to see what amazing creation she designs next!” – April Kester, Director of Operations


Congrats, Aubrie! 

As you can probably tell, Aubrie is an invaluable member of The Bean Team! Within two years, she has brought so much talent to our team and passion dedicated to improving our client’s brands. From all of us at Transformation Marketing, we’d like to congratulate Aubrie on another year and thank her for all of her hard work! Gooooo, Aubrie!

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