Animated Videos: Different Types and How They Can Benefit Your Business, Tell Your Story

Promoting your business, brand, and offerings is crucial in today’s fast-paced, competitive world. You have many avenues to pursue and options to choose from as you build your customer base. Likewise, you can use multiple platforms, such as your website and social media sites, to get your message to current and potential customers. Using videos on these sites can be engaging, interesting, and effective. The trick is knowing what types of videos to create, how to make them, and what your goals should be.

Storytelling Videos

What better way to tell your story than with this type of video? A storytelling video can explain to people important facets of your business by using images and characters. These types are good for talking about the history of your company, the genesis of a product or service you offer, or the leadership of your organization. There is some excitement to seeing an animated video cover these subjects that blocks of text on a page can’t capture.


An increasingly large number of consumers like to scroll through websites, focusing much more on images and graphics than text. Infographics have become a much more interesting and attention-grabbing method of relaying information than jamming facts in paragraphs. If you want to relay facts, figures, stats, and other data, infographics work well. Take this a step further and transform your infographics into an animated video.

You can use animated infographics for your annual report or sales meetings. You can build company culture by making such videos for internal use, showing employees what the company has accomplished and how they are part of the success.


This is a crucial one for training and teaching — both for your staff and customers. An animated video can walk someone through a process step by step. The videos can help a customer understand how to use a product, how to sign up for a service, or do any number of things. Internally, a tutorial may be in place of a cumbersome training manual for important daily tasks.

Overview of Your Business

An animated video can explain what your business has accomplished, so one can give a high-level look at what your company is all about. This could go perfectly on your website, either on the homepage or the “About Us” section. Here, you can take a few minutes to explain your mission, values, purpose, products, and services. An animated video can do this in a fun, engaging way that words alone can’t accomplish. This can benefit your business by fostering a better understanding of who you are and the greater interest in your organization.

Whiteboard Animation

Want to bring your sales and marketing to life? Whiteboard animation can pique anyone’s interest. Also known as video scribing, this is a simple, cost-effective way to build your brand, create awareness, and even teach. By making a few sketches on a whiteboard, you can use animation tools to illustrate vital information to customers and employees. Whiteboard animation requires someone who can draw decent images on the board followed by writing a compelling script. Then, you need the right whiteboard animation program to put everything together. The results can make information on your website much more compelling and enjoyable to consume.

Each of these videos can help your business stand out. Internally, they can build cohesion among your staff and help your employees better understand their roles. Plus, possible clients seeking to learn more about your company have more interesting ways than simply reading a bunch of text. You can try some of these today with the help of Transformation Marketing. Give us a call today at 402-788-2896, so you can start making your animation videos.


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