Adapting To New Trends While Keeping Your Brand Consistent

BrandingMonitoring and adapting to trends is key to staying relevant in the fast-paced business world. You know the right trends can help you reach new customers and make more sales. You do have a concern, though. You are worried about adapting to new trends while keeping your branding consistent. This might seem impossible, but you can be trendy and consistent by following some tips.

Choose Trends Wisely

Some brands try to jump on every trend that comes their way. While it’s enticing to run after trends, not all trends fit into your company’s branding. Make sure the trend aligns with your company’s values and your brand message before moving forward. You can make some adjustments, but if the trend is the antithesis of what you are as a brand, pass on it. It’s not worth destroying your brand to ride the wave of a trend. Another trend that makes sense for your brand will come along soon. Your patience will pay off in dividends.

Communicate With Your Team

Your entire team needs to be involved in branding, from the lower-level staffers to the executives. Everyone needs to understand the company’s branding and mission. Understanding the core branding concepts make it much easier to adapt to trends without losing your overall message. The team will work together to ensure your branding is on point every step of the way.

Decide What Can Be Customized – And What Can’t

Various people within your organization likely have access to branded assets. These assets are used for various marketing endeavors. You can create templates of the branded assets so that people can change some of the features to take advantage of trends. However, lock the areas you don’t want to be changed. This will allow you to maintain control over your overall branding while still allowing you to be trendy.

Have an Approval Process in Place

Never let a single person handle all the branding for you. If one person makes changes, you could end up with a branding nightmare on your hands. Create a brand management checklist and hand it out to team leads. Team leads or management must go through the checklist and sign off on all branding decisions, even if it’s just a minor template change. This will help you stay on your message with each marketing effort.

Understand That Evolution Is Natural

Evolution is a natural process of branding, even if you don’t adapt to trends. As your branding evolves, you need to stay true to your core values and mission. Whether you are evolving to adopt a new trend or you’ve simply outgrown your old style of branding, this is an important idea to keep in mind. Evolution is good for every company.

Monitor Your Online Presence

Reputation management is an easy way to find out if you’re succeeding in keeping your branding consistent as you adapt to trends. If it suddenly seems that people don’t know what your brand is or what it represents, you’ve made a mistake somewhere in the process. It’s time to go back and evaluate your branding in regard to the trends. See where your message got lost and fix the problem before it hurts your company.

Stay Consistent As You Evolve

You can adapt to trends and remain consistent even if your branding evolves. Use these tips to keep your branding consistent and your messaging on point. Then you can embrace and adapt to exciting trends as they come along. This can help you reach more people and nurture lots of leads.

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