Abi’s Year in Review – Year One!







Abi has officially been with Transformation Marketing for one year and we are so happy to have her here! We asked her to reflect on her time at TM and pick out a few highlights from this year. Here’s her year in review for year one!


Favorite Projects


Abi is an expert with social media but also a fantastic designer! Throughout this year she has been able to work on many great projects! Here are a few of her favorites.


Let Friedman Drive Flyers


This was Abi’s first big design project here at TM. Let Friedman Drive is a tradition that has been running for years. Every New Year Friedman covers the cost of a taxi ride for anyone who needs one to help prevent people from driving under the influence. This is a great program and Abi did an incredible job designing this year’s flyers! 


Nemaha Sports Animated Video


This project was an animated video used for advertising for Nemaha Sports Construction. The video highlighted Nemaha’s biggest projects. This project took Abi some time to complete, but in the end, the hard work was worth it and the video turned out amazing! 


SCBA Package – Heartland Fire


This project was very challenging initially, but after she got going, she had a great time! Abi said she had a lot of fun throughout the designing process and the project turned out great!


New Skills & Programs


Abi has had the opportunity to build upon her already excellent design and social media skills in her first year at TM. She has become an expert with video production programs such as Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. These are advanced programs that have a big learning curve, but Abi learned very quickly! 

Another program Abi has learned to use is Blender. Blender is a 3D computer graphics tool that can be used to create all kinds of projects! Abi has also become an expert at WordPress! Here at TM, we do a TON of work with client websites. These websites are typically made with WordPress, and Abi is amazing at working with all of our client websites! 


Favorite Social Media Apps


Abi’s favorite social media application is Instagram! Abi says that she gains a lot of inspiration from the people she follows there. Abi is an artist and Instagram is a hub for artists, so it makes sense that Instagram would be her number one! Abi also loves Facebook for the memes and enjoys spending countless time watching videos on Tik Tok! 


Creative Inspiration


As we said previously, Abi gains lots of inspiration from Instagram. Instagram is a great place for fellow artists to share their work. Another place Abi gets inspiration from is Pinterest. Since Abi has been with TM, we have done a lot more work with Pinterest for our clients. Abi is a big reason for that! 


Finally, Abi gets creative inspiration from Canva. Canva has been a great resource for everyone at TM. Canva is a design program similar to photoshop. The big difference is that Canva has templates, design elements, and more that Abi uses to gain inspiration for her Client’s designs.


Favorite Memories


Both of Abi’s favorite memories from her first year at TM are holiday parties! Abi had a blast at the Christmas Party. We had great food and played fun games! Everyone was involved and it was amazing! Abi also loved the Halloween Party. Carving pumpkins was full of laughs and it was fun seeing everyone be creative!


What Her Bosses Have to Say About Her:

“Abi has been such a wonderful addition to the team here at TM! She’s got an endless amount of talent that never ceases to amaze me! Abi is a true asset to Transformation Marketing!” 

– April Kester, Director of Operations

“ Abi is a sweet, talented, asset to our company and clients. She is always learning to add value to her clients. I am glad to work with her and always look forward to seeing her in the office.”

– Shannon Filing, President


Thank You, Abi!


Transformation Marketing is more than a business, it is a family, and we are so happy to have Abi as a part of that family! Congratulations on one year Abi!

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