9 Tips to Optimize Email Marketing Strategies

by | Feb 12, 2019

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Email marketing is more difficult than most people assume. Whether it be a promotional campaign or weekly subscription to educate subscribers, constantly creating emails that inform and also entice, is a tall task.

Like any marketing campaign strategy, there will be speed bumps along the way. But there are multiple, universal email marketing strategies that marketers can structure every campaign around.

Keep it short. Keep it dense.

Keep the email content short yet enticing enough to convince readers to follow the link (you inserted a link, right?!). The main point is to get readers to your site, informing them is a close second. Plus, the site will have all of the informative content needed to help them understand the subject at hand. If you can do both in a short amount of content, you’ve written a great email. Make it clear, concise and compelling. Aim for 300 words max, but it’s okay to go over if necessary.

Short content is incredibly useful. The key to writing great short content is to make it dense. Every line should pull the reader to the end of the email, or at least to the clickable link. Many email writers restructure the email content in a different manner than what’s on the web page. If your gut tells you that some content is unnecessary, it probably is and should be removed. Just make sure what’s left still makes sense without it. Otherwise, it may need restructuring.

Master writing subject lines

Have you ever read a news headline so enticing that you could not resist clicking it? The same idea applies to subject lines! The first step is always an enticing subject line. This can be a statistic from the content, a great question, or a summary of the content. Stay creative and follow your open rates to see what works best for your email subscriber list.

P.S. Great content always leads to a great headline.

Do not spill all the marbles.

Strategize what content is placed in the email and left to be read in the blog. For blogs, this can mean keeping the enticing material in the email and the juicy details out. OR, you may find it useful to place the juicy details in the email while keeping it shorter than usual. Try different strategies and take note of what gains optimal data

Include multiple links.

The recipient will already know that the email is the summary of a larger article, which you should have linked to in the email (you know, that link you definitely remembered to include). You cannot predict when every individual reader will want to click over to the website, so providing multiple links at strategized points throughout the content is optimal.

Keep in mind that balance is necessary and to never overdo it. In this case, less is more, and an overly-linked blog post will look like a shady, unauthentic marketing tactic the reader will likely look to avoid. When in doubt, supply readers with brief, dense and informative content with a “read more” button at the bottom, linking them to the full story on your website.

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Send from a real person.

This looks authentic and helps keep emails out of spam folders. People are more likely to open and read emails when they are sent by a real person, not the company.

Speaking of authenticity, the voice of the content should be authentic as well. Avoid the sales-like gimmicks and simply write to inform the reader, not to sell the product. Do no blatantly exclude content that forces the reader to click the link, as that will annoy the reader. It’s like Inception, you want the reader to think THEY want to click the link. The content should be informative, complete, and gives the impression that better information is a click away.

Keep the content uniform and clean.

People chose to subscribe to your emails for a specific reason and look forward to what the content provides—why else would they give out their email? Keep it uniform so they can navigate the content easier and make the best use from their subscription.

Optimize for mobile.

Many email platforms optimize all emails to mobile. But if your platform does not, it’s worth paying extra for a platform that offers mobile optimization. Emails are now opened more often on mobile than desktop!

Do not overwhelm your subscribers.

But do not underwhelm them either. Balance is key. Many people use their work email when subscribing to informative emails. They likely already receive an abundance of emails a day and have no need for multiple emails from an email subscription. It’s best to send them truly insightful content that is worth their time. Unless your brand is a major thought leader, such as Google, it’s best to send fewer emails than more.

Listen to your subscribers.

Even if they do not speak through email replies, subscribers will always talk through data. While there are many universal traits throughout all email subscription lists, it’s the little things that help your email campaigns stand out. What works for us at TM might not always work for your business, and vice versa. Listening to your audience will always improve your email marketing strategies. So experiment and see what they tell you through the data.

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