online marketing


online marketing

Use of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices make online marketing one of the most fundamental elements of an effective marketing plan. Americans are highly connected consumers, spending 20 to 30 hours online per week interacting on social media, seeking information on search engines, asking for recommendations, making purchases via retailers, and writing reviews.

online marketing


Launching a website is the first step in a building an online presence. After that, it’s about driving traffic to your site using various avenues and platforms. Online advertising methods hold merit in their own individual ways, but can be costly if you lack proper knowledge, or if you haven’t formulated a solid strategy. That’s where our expertise comes in.


Web optimization is a marketing strategy that involves skillfully crafting your website so that it will appear higher in search engine results pages. This is crucial to the visibility of your business, considering that 60% of internet users do not look beyond the first page of search results. From a consumer standpoint, it can be challenging to understand the complex nuances of web optimization. As an agency that specializes in online marketing, we can help to smoothly guide you through this process.

social media

Social networking is the most popular online activity and the fastest growing form of marketing in the world. In fact, most social media sites are now considered search engines, with 91% of local searchers using Facebook to find local businesses. However, it can be difficult to manage multiple social media platforms at once, while also operating a thriving business. Our dedicated social media team has extensive knowledge and experience in utilizing these platforms.


With over-the-top (OTT) media, finding your ideal consumers on the platforms they use has never been easier. Right off the bat, we will eliminate wasting precious marketing dollars and increase the effectiveness of your campaign by building your audience using verified third-party data. We will then use OTT media to bypass cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms and direct ads straight to your hyper-targeted audience. This kind of advertising can be delivered through dozens of streaming devices and apps, including Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV, Fire Stick, as well as ConnectedTV/Smart TV’s. Ready to grow your business with smart media options and trackable results? We are too!


Google display ads have been around for a long time and are highly effective at reaching a target audience based on interest and topic. How can it get any better? It just did! We have paired the power fo the Google platform with several partners who offer access to verified third party data so building your audience just got smarter! Not only can we display ads on relevant content but we can show them to those proven to have an interest or to be shopping for what your company has to offer. No more guess work!


Mobile marketing is a strategy aimed at reaching consumers on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices via websites, e-mail, mobile apps, text message, social media, or any number of mobile-based methods. Given that smartphone traffic will exceed desktop traffic by 2021, a thriving business cannot afford to have a strategy without consideration to the mobile market. We can help you go mobile with your next ad campaign.


Let us reconnect you with users that have visited your website, but left without purchasing anything or completing a desired action. Remarketing positions ads in front of users that have previously browsed your site, while they are on other websites. Remarketing is particularly effective because it places your ads in front of people who have already shown an interest in your business or product, keeping you in mind while they continue to research.


E-mail marketing can be a powerful and cost-effective tool in a well-rounded marketing strategy. Using a specialized software, we can send any number of e-mails across carefully targeted networks, reaching your desired audiences at the click of a button. Each e-mail sent strengthens your business and brand in remaining top-of-mind among consumers. Additionally, we can provide insightful analytics based on measurable results generated by e-mail campaigns.


Pay-per-click (PPC) is a marketing method that involves using consumers’ search engine keywords to direct traffic to your website. Our online marketing team will conduct keyword research to find out what your customers are searching for, and place your ads in front of them at the perfect time. The advertiser then pays a pre-determined amount each time the ad is clicked. PPC campaigns can be successful even when on a limited budget, making them advantageous for small businesses.