Illustration of a video camera with Ty's Outdoor Power & Service logo on the side

Pesky Problem

The videos that Ty’s Outdoor Power had been running in the past were all quick-production videos. They wanted videos they could proudly run during March Madness and prime time. Knowing their male demographic’s love for outdoor power equipment, we wanted to craft a funny approach to what many see as “sexy” machines. We also needed a way to incorporate information about an acquisition that had recently taken place between Ty’s and their former co-company, Pruitt Outdoor Power. Ty’s had just acquired Pruitt, and the two would now operate under one name, Ty’s Outdoor Power. Our goal was that Ty’s new videos would capture their target audience’s attention, while also informing them of their new ownership of an additional location in the Omaha metro area.


Marketing Strategy

Ty’s employees are an important part of how their business operates, and with little turnover, customers get to know his staff very well. They have over 100 years of service experience combined and are well known with their customer base.

Ty’s audience is largely male and located in Nebraska. We decided to feature Damon Benning, a Husker legend, who endorses Ty as “his guy” on his radio show, “The Ticket.” Damon added a connection to the project through his radio show and the passionate Husker fans in Nebraska. At the end of each commercial, we added location information that showcased Ty’s two locations using drone shots, the original in Gretna, and the new one in Omaha (formerly known as Pruitt).

We scheduled a day-long shoot on-location at Ty’s Gretna shop. We produced four 30-second commercials giving variety to rotate placements within our TV buy. Three of the videos highlight Ty’s top products for the spring season, which included Stihl leaf blowers, Honda lawn mowers, and Hustler Turf equipment. The 4th video spotlighted several smaller products as Ty’s team were “bugged” by Damon while they were trying to work. Using these videos, we launched a YouTube campaign in addition to their TV placement.


TM Results

Within two days of the videos being launched on YouTube and TV, Ty had people coming in the store raving over the content. The tagline “Ty’s My Guy” became a trend we would continue to use in other areas of their marketing. On YouTube, they received 22,508 total views with 10,328 minutes of watch time. Each video averaged 25,000 impressions with an average of 5,000 views. One of the videos went viral with someone recording the commercial on their phone as it was playing on TV, then posting it on a popular Husker forum!

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