Rose Equipment: Making Their Mark With Email Marketing

by | Sep 15, 2021

rose equipment email

If you’re like Rose Equipment, you may have years and years of email addresses from clients, vendors, businesses, etc. However, the list isn’t getting utilized. This is where we stepped in — we have been able to help Rose Equipment use this valuable information to reach their full potential! With their lists uploaded to an email campaign platform, we have been able to regularly send email blasts every month to raise brand awareness. 


email campaign


It’s been about seven months since we started, and we’ve been impressed by the results that we’ve seen. Out of approximately 6,100 emails sent, their open rate is 2% better than the industry average, and their click rate is 3% higher than the industry average as well. This means that those people are opening, reading, AND clicking! 


rose equipment email stats

Emails are tricky, because as I am sure you are aware, people get a lot of them. How can you consistently catch the reader’s eye? Short and clear subject lines, a recognizable sender email, and of course, including interesting and relevant information in emails. Not only did we design an email template for Rose, but we also wrote all of their content. You can’t go wrong customized and personalized.


This is one email that we look forward to getting in our inbox, and we’re excited to see how these clicks turn into paying customers for Rose Equipment!

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