Nebraska Department of Transportations: #WhosDrivingHome Campaign

by | Feb 10, 2020

We had the exciting opportunity to work on a state-wide campaign for the Nebraska Department of Transportation that reminded drivers to stay safe and get a sober ride over the holidays. However, we all know that the typical “don’t drink and drive” ad often gets overlooked.

So, instead of designing the ad using your typical drinking and driving imagery, the department wanted to focus on the state, making the design look more like a retro postcard instead. This design signified travel throughout our state and grabbed the attention of those who may otherwise overlook the ad. The design featured the hashtag #whosdrivinghome and was custom illustrated by our graphic designer (you can check out our Instagram to see a video of the detail that went into the sky alone).

To our delight and the delight of the NE Dept of Transportation, the campaign took off, being featured in magazines and newspapers all over the state. We even had other clients (who had no idea we’d done the design for the campaign) sending it to us and asking us to use it on their page as well. The campaign was a wide-spread success and was also incredibly rewarding for us to see how many people this great reminder of an advertisement reached!

WhosDrivingHome Campaign

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