Liquid Trucking: Getting the Message Out Through Whiteboard Videos

by | Dec 29, 2021

liquid trucking whiteboard

As a growing trucking company, Liquid Trucking is always hiring new people. Every potential driver asks relatively the same questions, and the recruiter repeats generally the same answers. These conversations are important, but LT wondered if there was a more time-efficient way to get their information out? We came up with the perfect solution — a whiteboard “Frequently Asked Questions” video series. 

The Process

1. The first step was to gather all of the most frequently asked questions by drivers and collect the answers. Liquid Trucking didn’t slack off when giving us information — we received about 5 pages full of questions and answers all regarding different topics. Since there was soooo much information, we decided to split it up into five categories. The five categories were pay, home time, equipment, general company information, and what to expect behind the wheel. 

2. Second, we wrote scripts for each category. We ordered the questions so that they flowed nicely in conversation form (*Insert Ned* we made him up to “lead” the conversation and to be a commonality throughout the video series!). Once the scripts were approved, we got them professionally voice recorded. 

3. Next up is the fun part… creating the video! We have an awesome whiteboard animation software with a drag and drop interface. We easily made sketches and added text to each slide to make their scripts come to life. Lots of trucks, roads, and materials are illustrated in every video!

4. Lastly, time to deploy! We created a playlist on their Youtube channel so that all the videos are in one spot and can be played one after the other. Recruiters can easily share a link and answer drivers’ questions before they can even ask. These videos have also been cross-posted on social media and in blog format. 

Want to see the series for yourself… and maybe learn something about our pals at Liquid Trucking? Watch here!


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