Lincoln Youth Football: Email Campaign

The Problem:
The registrations for Lincoln Youth Football were coming in a little more slowly this year than they did last year due to the long winter.  We knew we needed to do a push that would help turn that around once the weather started to improve and we knew that although social media is an incredibly powerful tool, using social media alone would not do the trick.

The Creative Solution:
The client was considering not utilizing email to help promote registration this year. However, knowing the power of email, along with having the successful data from their email pushes from last year, we were able to show the value it would bring, particularly with the slow start we’d had for the year. Luckily, one of the things our team specializes in is good quality email that drives results. We know the best types of subject lines, content, and email layouts to optimize the campaign.

TM Results:
So, along with our already strong social media campaign, we proceeded to send out 3 emails to over 16,000 families. Those three simple emails had an average 35% open rate (average open rate for similar types of emails is 28%) and an average click-through rate of 17%. With this push, we were able to get registrations not only back on track but we were able to exceed their registration goal by the time registration closed for the year!

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