GE Landscape Supply – Competing with the “Big Dogs”

by | Mar 24, 2020

We have loved kicking off spring seasons for  GE Landscape Supply for the past several years. In the past, we have helped with newspaper ads, radio ads, television commercials, and more pushing their landscaping products as well as their Spring Landscaping Days. Over those years, however, how we have marketed for them has needed to change quite a bit. While traditional marketing media outlets such as newspaper, radio, and television used to do the trick, those mediums have been losing steam for GE Landscape Supply over the last several years.

So, to ensure their marketing campaigns continue to get the best bang for their buck and that we are keeping up with the times, we have moved our efforts to online marketing. Last year, more than ever, we have really hit the online marketing realm hard by using Google display and search ads as well as mobile geo-targeting to promote their landscaping products.

Last year’s marketing strategy has been so effective for GE Landscape supply that throughout the spring and summer months, their campaign was rivaling that of Home Depot and Lowes in terms of impression share (the numbers of impressions they were getting for the areas they were marketing in). The numbers were incredible, and we weren’t the only ones to notice. They were so excited about the response they received on their end, that they decided to do an additional fall campaign for the first time ever.

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