Gana Trucking & Excavating: Our Hulu Ad Debut

by | Feb 28, 2022

gana hulu ad

Oftentimes our clients come to us with a problem — not enough clicks, not enough sales, not enough applications. The latter problem was the issue we were set to solve for our friends at Gana Trucking & Excavating. They’ve done their fair share of social media and online ads, so we wanted to take a risk and try something different — *drum roll, please* — Hulu ads!


As marketers, we hear about the importance of utilizing video time and time again. So we thought, where are people consuming video nowadays other than social media? Online streaming! We researched our options and found that Hulu recently opened up advertising to small businesses, so we RSVP’d to their beta program. This program allowed us to have early access to their self-service advertising platform and gave us the creative freedom to make our own awesome campaign.



When it came to video production, we had two options of either live-action or animation. We opted for animation as it’s both time and cost-effective. The animation itself highlights the benefits of working for Gana. We included interesting movement, text, graphics, and a voiceover. Once we were pleased with the video, we uploaded it to the ad manager and patiently waited for approval. And you best believe, we did a little happy dance once it was approved!


We’ve had fun watching the results roll in. In the first week and a half, Gana’s video has tracked 13,000 impressions (these are complete views) and has been seen by 5,000 individuals. The average viewing per person was 2.7 watches, so no annoying back-to-back repetitive commercials here. Not only were we able to analyze the local area of viewers, but we were able to see demographics based on interests and genres, too. 


hulu stats

Of course, there’s more to the story… did we solve Gana’s initial problem? The answer is yes. We saw a direct correlation between Hulu and website traffic. Within those first two weeks, Hulu was bringing in about 60% of their website traffic. We’re happy to say that hiring has picked up, and our first run on Hulu has been a success!

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