Filing for Commissioner: Marketing for Political Campaign

by | Apr 12, 2022

filiing for commissioner

We recently onboarded a political client, Travis Filing for County Commissioner. This has been a new challenge for our team since the needs of a political client are different and more intensive than most. There is constant change happening throughout the campaign process and new information is always needed. Working with Travis has been a fun and challenging task!


travis filing


We are working hard to keep Travis’ website and social media as engaging as possible with fresh videos and graphics that are constantly working to get his values across and what his goals are if he is elected to office. Within the first couple of months of campaigning, we have been happy with the traction that his videos are getting. This video about the transparency in spending reached 1,887 people on Facebook, and the following Reel about the importance of infrastructure reached 3,138 users on Instagram:


Going forward, we are going to continue to use fresh content in order to get Travis’ campaign in front of the right audience. We are excited to manage his social media accounts as they have been growing from the ground up and getting good engagement from followers. Browse his website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to learn more about his campaign!

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