FCC: Home When It Counts

We are pleased to work with FCC for many reasons but one of the most important reasons is because they are a company with values that line up with ours. They work very hard at letting their employees know they are cared for and that family (especially each specific individual’s family) is important. However, explaining this to potential drivers in way that doesn’t seem cliche or hoaky isn’t always easy. We want to make sure we come off as genuine as the company feels about this issue, which is a big one in the trucking industry where drivers are away from their families for days, even weeks sometimes.

We know there are not many other mediums that can get a message across quite as well as video can. So, we created a video for FCC titled “Home When It Counts” which highlights FCC’s commitment to balancing driver home life and work life. The video is meant to be that genuine way to connect with drivers and their families to explain how much FCC cares about this area of their employees’ lives.

It was a pleasure to work with the people of FCC who starred in the video, as well. That’s right. Every person in the video is actually an FCC employee with the exception of the little girl, who is an FCC employee’s daughter. Who better to tell this story in a real and relatable way than those who know it first hand?

PS- you may need to watch with a tissue 😉

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