Portrait of Evan holding TM Bean logo

“Transformation” has been an important word throughout my life. In my personal life, I have grown, learned, changed, and transformed from my youth into the professional I am today. In design, I’ve learned how to transform ideas and concepts into brands, websites, illustrations, and other applicable designs.

My professional career has been no different, I’ve transformed from a recently graduated, naive graphic design intern with a head full of ideas, into a confident full-time designer ready for almost any challenge thrown at me. Transformation Marketing has given me a great opportunity to grow, learn and transform alongside the helpful and creative professionals I work with.

Transitioning from student to professional is generally a pretty challenging prospect. Thankfully, shortly after graduation, Transformation offered me a position on their team as a part-time intern. From the get-go, I started working on impactful, real-world projects, which was exactly the type of experience I was hoping to gain. Through doing this, I was able to see my designs go from concept to a completed, deployable design, giving my work a purpose that it had previously lacked.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who saw potential in the work I was doing here, and TM offered me a full-time position as a designer. Thrilled to be able to continue to do the work I love, I jumped at the opportunity without a second thought.

Since transitioning to full-time, I feel my work and understanding of the industry has consistently grown and transformed. It has also allowed me the opportunity to expand my catalog of work, working on bigger, more complicated projects, such as logo and website design (both of which I love doing). This transition felt pretty seamless and I feel like I was ready for the opportunity when it was offered to me due to the experience and feedback I was provided throughout my internship.

I may still be in the early stages of my full-time experience at TM, but I’ve found the opportunity very beneficial and rewarding so far and I am very much looking forward to seeing how else this “Transformation” can help me learn and grow as both a designer and a professional within the marketing industry.

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