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by | Jan 18, 2018

Pesky Problem

Epp Concrete fixes basement/foundation issues. To homeowners, water in their basement is very stressful since the process is unfamiliar. The unknown is always the worst part of any situation and adding in possible expensive but essential repairs adds to homeowners anxiety. We needed a way to convey the process of fixing foundation issues in a simple and short way that could be deployed on their website, emailed to prospective clients, shared on social media and marketed online.

Secondarily, these videos would promote their business services and expertise and also conform with their new brand launched earlier in the year. Their new brand included a new logo as well as introduced clear and simple icons for each service. Formerly, use of actual photos and videos of job sites didn’t convey the entire process well and didn’t visually compare with the larger companies in town even though their abilities as a company were equal to the tasks.


Marketing Strategy

After evaluating their objectives for the video and the outline of the new brand we had created for them, the solution seemed obvious to us. We needed to do a series of animated videos that demystified the causes and solutions to some of the most common issues leading to basement and foundation problems allowing water to leak inside.

We went to work, gathering our design and video departments to collaborate on the project. We brought in Dave Epp, the owner, to voice the videos to add consistency as he is the voice and face of the company. (Besides that, he has a great voice and very passionate about super serving customers!) Once we put it altogether and presented the finished product, Dave was incredibly excited. Exclaiming, “Yes! This is exactly what we needed! This is what our marketing needs to look like!”


TM Results

A cool video means nothing if no one sees it, right? Right. So, we launched a YouTube campaign featuring the new videos. The two videos (Waterproofing and Foundation Repair) received 12,000 combined views in just 4 short months. The Waterproofing video alone also received nearly 7,000 additional views on Facebook.

While the metrics are great, it is even more exciting that Dave has gotten great feedback from these videos from customers and prospects. That positive response to these videos delivered more sales leads October and November of 2017. In fact, at least 50% of their sales leads came from online marketing efforts and these videos have been a valuable asset in those campaigns.


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