Complete Family: Social Campaign for a New Location

by | Sep 16, 2019


After opening a 3rd Lincoln location, Complete Family Dermatology was needing to get the word out, as it was struggling to pick up momentum at the location right off the bat. While they had only been at the new location for a few months, they were having to cancel clinic days due to the fact that the patient demand was not enough to justify having a team at the location for the day. We had just started working with them and were excited to tackle this challenge.



We had just started on their new website design, and we had planned on launching their online marketing campaign when the site launched, but we knew with this facility already facing canceled clinics after 3 months, we needed to do something right away. We quickly put together a game plan on how jump start and utilize their social media to turn their new location slump around. Our strategy couldn’t just target the new location but needed to spotlight the practice as a whole while reminding those we reached that Complete Family Dermatology had 3 Lincoln locations for their convenience. 


TM Results:

Within weeks of us launching a preliminary social media campaign and deploying our strategy, Complete Family Dermatology saw a 150% increase in their appointments at the new location. Dr. Basler was thrilled to see the new location begin to take off and saw immediately the value we could bring to his practice. We are excited to say that was the beginning of a long-term relationship and have had the opportunity to do much more with and for Complete Family Dermatology since then.

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