Complete Family Dermatology: Building a Solid SEO Strategy

We’ve worked with Complete Family Dermatology for many years, which means that we’ve covered a lot of ground. Our partnership stretches from building a website to managing social media. What’s one aspect that overlaps with both of these mediums? Search engine optimization (or SEO for short). 


The website directly impacts SEO because that’s where you can do all of your on-page optimization work. The path to success for SEO is identifying your keywords and curating content, like blogs, around that topic. As a dermatologist, we’ve found great success in targeting phrases like “skin checkup lincoln ne”, “family dermatologist lincoln ne”, and “skin cancer treatment near me”. These are all common phrases that someone might type into their search bar, and because we strategically place those phrases throughout the site, CFD organically shows up on top in the search engine rankings! 


keyword rankings

Once the on-page SEO work is done, it’s time to hit the ground running with off-page SEO. Off-page SEO ultimately deals with building your website’s credibility and sharing your link externally. This is where social media comes into play! All of their blogs are cross-posted on social media, which helps lead traffic directly to their site. The more people that click on and read their blog, the more authority they have in Google’s eyes. 


All in all, having a solid SEO strategy means that CFD’s site moves up in the organic search results, gains free traffic to the website, and gets new customers. It’s a win-win situation all around!



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