City of Lincoln Bike Helmet Campaign

by | Mar 11, 2020

The city of Lincoln was ready to roll out a campaign reminding parents to help keep their children safe and encouraging them to wear their bicycle helmets when they rode around town. We were excited to be a big part of this as we launched an online ad campaign that targeted parents throughout Lancaster County. The campaign entailed a combination of video, display, and social media ads, making it a diverse and all-encompassing campaign that would reach a lot of families in the area. 

Although the campaign only ran for 2 short months in the fall (as that is what made sense for the time of year in Nebraska), it gained a great deal of traction. The video had 141,742 impressions and 67,200 views on YouTube, with the most views happening on ESPN, PBS, and the Official Peppa Pig Channel (which was a great target for us due to its high popularity with young children who are often watching on tablets or TV’s with an adult in earshot…so, even if the adult isn’t actively watching, they’re still hearing the message in a passive sense). The display ads received over 3.6 million impressions and garnered 1,500 clicks to their website. Facebook ads garnered 203,858 impressions and 20,579 engagement. Overall, the campaign was a huge success and the client was very pleased with the results and reach, and we were thrilled to be involved in such an impactful and important campaign! 

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