Complete Family Dermatology: Merging Traditional and Modern Marketing

by | Sep 24, 2020

cfd flyersFor Complete Family Dermatology, we have merged traditional and modern marketing strategies. Overall, our goal was to drive more business to their clinics in southeast Nebraska, so we decided the best way to do that was by reaching a broader audience by using a variety of marketing channels. In addition to redesigning their website and managing their social media, we have recently deployed programmatic ads and newspaper inserts. 

Not only are the numbers impressive on paper, but it also proved to be true for the health of their business. In September, CFD received over 555k impressions and 377 clicks to the website with programmatic ads. These online ads were built to target the person rather than the platform, which lets the clients target the exact audience they want to reach. Additionally, we sent a total of 29,150 newspaper inserts through six newspaper distributors across southeast NE. This outlet let us reach an older demographic who might not be streaming TV and supported ads seen online giving us better impression rates and better brand recall.

With these combined marketing efforts, CFD saw a 60% increase in new patients at two of their satellite locations. Consequently, they have experienced some of their largest clinics yet, and their days are now full. As a whole, business has steadily picked up for Falls City, Nebraska City, and Blair. 

We’re excited that with our help, CFD was able to improve their outreach for both their online and offline presence. After launching these campaigns, they have been able to increase their name recognition, attract new patients, and ultimately call it a success story!

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