We recently worked with Andrew Sciba from Stella Productions on a video for Blackstone. We started with a concept of superheroes and an idea of what we wanted in the video, but how are you supposed to get from an idea to a final project? Storyboarding.

A storyboard is a sequence of drawings showing how the video will progress. One picture on a storyboard equals one shot. These photos show movement that should happen in the shot, but doesn’t get into tiny details such as the background. Storyboarding has a wide range of benefits.

Storyboarding is the first opportunity for a client to see their idea in the real world. The process of creating a storyboard allows for the client and director to get on the same page about what the project should be. If a client is unpleased with something in this stage it’s simple and cheap to fix since filming hasn’t begun.

In addition to checking to see if the storyboard matches your vision, this is a good opportunity to make sure the piece works. The storyboard can help judge the amount of time the project will last, so you can start asking important questions: Can you tell the story in the right amount of time, does the dialogue/narration fit with the visuals, is the concept getting across? If you don’t like the answer to one of these questions, change it before you get further into the project.

If you start making changes once filming has started it can cause delays to find new locations and that delay will be reflected in your wallet.

Storyboards are also helpful to the crew while filming. Since each photo represents one shot, the crew can make sure they get every shot they need. If you go into filming without a clear plan, you may come to the editing stage with not enough shots. In addition to this knowing what kinds of shots are wanted beforehand means the crew can bring the right type of equipment for filming.

Long story short, things go smoother if you go into a situation knowing what you want to get out of it. A storyboard gives you a plan that makes the filming process go easier.

Check out the power of going from storyboard to reality in the video we made with Andrew!

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