Travis filing

I was born in Akron, Ohio, and spent most of my youth living in and around the area. Between the ages of 8 and 12, we moved back and forth across the country countless times, ultimately ending up in Denver. I worked a lot of jobs in my years in Denver.

At 12, I landed a full-time job (yep, 40 hours a week at 12!) working at Dave Cook Sporting Goods store downtown. In high school, I worked as a District Court Clerk in Golden, CO, and also sacked groceries and stocked shelves on nights and weekends. After high school, I worked at a dairy and a brewery and I met my (now) wife Shannon at a friend’s wedding and fell head-over-heels. 

Within 6 months, decided to move to Lincoln and begin my “adult” life. I started working for a radio station in Lincoln and found my true calling, business and marketing. After several years in radio, I helped Shannon start Transformation Marketing. In the company’s 6th year, I had the opportunity to join the team full-time and never looked back. I love my job, our company, our people, and our clients.

My favorite part of my job, is providing tangible results for our clients. Our motto here is “It all comes down to trust and results” and I truly believe that. I am a numbers guy (always have been) and I want to ensure that our clients are seeing a return on their investment. Plus, it gives us a benchmark to work off of. I love being able to strategize new solutions for clients to build their business.

I love old cars and working in the garage, building things, telling stories, and traveling with the family.