Shannon Filing

Wow! The job I had before starting Transformation seems like a long time ago! Before Transformation Marketing’s inception I was a bank manager of two bank locations in Lincoln. However, I will say that the skills I used and developed there have proven valuable while developing Transformation over the past decade. I loved the work I did there and my duties were vast. I opened accounts allowing me to work directly with customers and build relationships with them. That was one of my favorite aspects of the position, making sure they had the right tools and forming trust with them. This is a direct carry over approach we use at Transformation. We listen to our clients’ goals, build a strategy, and provide tools to help them achieve those ambitions.

I also managed the location staff by hiring and cross-training them, along with helping to develop their skills and granting them the knowledge to succeed within their position. What this taught me was to capitalize on teaching opportunities, grow yourself so you can help grow other people as well, and how to know when someone is not the right fit despite their talents. I have seen that during our growth as well. I make it a priority to develop my leadership abilities and gain insight from those I respect. There is always something to learn from a strong business in order to add value to your own.

My hope is that when/if a team member leaves our company that they leave with more skills than when they started. We are a growth company and that means more than just the bottom line; we invest in our people, too. I also love seeing how all of our clients approach their business, along with their goals and plans for the future. I feel blessed that they have chosen us to help them reach their aspirations.

I have to be honest, it is difficult for me to imagine working anywhere else! I love the team we have and the direction we are going. We stay focused on what we do for our clients and the importance it has for their company, meanwhile growing our own abilities to meet the changing demands we face.