april Kester

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, as was my husband, Bradley (and both of our kids, too, just for the record). Bradley (aka, “Brad” to everyone outside of his immediate family) and I met in high school, got married in college…and it’s been one non-stop adventure ever since! Just after our children were born, we bought some land near Panama, built a house, and settled in to country living. I met Shannon not long after that (while we were waiting for our boys to finish up a pre-school lesson) and we all became fast friends!

Since my college days I’ve tended to gravitate towards smaller, family-owned businesses (my very first “real” job was for a small, family-owned business that specialized in equipment leasing for the agricultural and trucking industries) and worked here at TM on a part-time basis for several years as both a content writer and as the Social Media Coordinator. With that said, my full-time job for the past 12 years has been at CHI Health as the Assistant to the Director of Critical Care Services. I so enjoyed both the management aspect and people aspect of that job, and learned a great deal about both in the process (I also learned how much I didn’t like the daily commute). However, when Shannon approached me about the position of Director of Online Marketing here at Transformation Marketing, I jumped at the opportunity to join the TM crew full time!

Needless to say, I’m beyond excited to be back with the Bean Team, and sincerely look forward to working with a small group of talented, passionate, and dedicated professionals that are able to provide our clients with BIG results!