FCC: A One Million Mile Video

by | Jun 20, 2019

We recently had the honor of helping FCC launch its Million Miler program at the end of the year. Our task was to help design and order the items each driver received to honor their accomplishment of driving one million miles accident-free. Since this is a new program for the company, we needed to not only make sure that those who had achieved the accomplishment were honored but that everyone was educated on what it took to achieve this great accomplishment as well.

Our goal in the first and second quarters of this year was to continue to promote that program and spotlight what it means to be a million-mile driver. In addition to designing jackets, plaques, and a website page;  we put together an animated video that explains what is involved in becoming a million-mile driver and how Freemont Contract Carriers honors those drivers each year.

The end result turned out better than we had imagined and the client was thrilled when we showed them the finished product. We will continue to promote the video throughout the year and really spotlight it towards the end of each year when the new million mile drivers for that year are honored.

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