why we do it

make your brand stand out

We are passionate about working with growth minded companies because we are a growth minded company. As they say, “iron sharpens iron.” We couldn’t agree more.

We believe businesses impact communities far beyond measure. Thriving companies lend to stability in the lives of business owners and those who work for them. By using our strengths to deliver solutions to businesses in the areas of marketing and recruitment, we build better opportunities for entire communities.

Why do we do it

the personal impact tm has in our community

TM is not the typical business in a community of 250 people. We have had many reasons presented to us to move to a larger town but we have always felt the benefits of having our company in Panama far outweigh moving to a larger city.

Having our office in Panama, we are able to keep costs low and focus on the mission of the company without raising our prices to the smaller companies we serve. In 2012, we had the opportunity to buy a larger building from the town. We would not have been able to afford this size of building in a larger city. This allowed us to hire the needed staff to grow, offer a vibrant intern program for the many surrounding schools, and build a full audio and video studio so we could expand our services to clients.

By purchasing the building from the town, we saved them the expense of tearing it down or renovating it. Our expansion has beautified the local business district and added local tax dollars to the town at a time when businesses are closing in our community.

In 2017, we purchased and renovated a second main street building which is our TM conference center. This allows for better meeting and training space for our staff and clients as well as another renovated property along our main street.

While our space has grown, so has our staff. Our team holds the roles of right around 10 team members. Each show up with individual talents and skills to achieve our client’s goals. We are dedicated to doing the best job for our clients, therefore, we spend a good deal of time training to keep up with the rapid pace of online marketing.