Dawson County Area Development is responsible for recruiting new businesses and families to the area. As part of the recruitment process, the organization aims to make it easy for relocating families to understand all that the communities have to offer. Dawson County is in the middle of the state of Nebraska. It’s rich with agriculture, hard-working citizens, and a diverse workforce; all attributes that build strong communities. The three largest cities in this area include Lexington, Gothenburg, and Cozad, each of which offers employment opportunities in manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and hospitality. Our mission with Dawson County was to create a set of videos to support recruitment efforts and communicate all of the advantages that lie in central Nebraska.

As you know, video is an invaluable tool. It utilizes both the visual and audio senses while providing a vehicle to deliver emotion, establish trust, and build connections outside of face-to-face contact. Video also holds several online benefits as well. According to a report by Allen Matkins, websites featuring videos are 40 to 50 times more likely to end up on the first page of Google. For this particular project, video afforded Dawson County the ability to spotlight their greatest assets during presentations with business prospects and while applying for grant funding. More importantly, Area Development is now able to simply email a link with a full overview of the area upon request.

Shannon, the president of Transformation Marketing, holds Dawson County near and dear to her heart, as she had family in Lexington when she was growing up. She remembers her trips to the area as a little girl; beautiful agricultural scenery, friendly people, and quaint business districts. With those memories guiding our video visions, we set out to capture that sentiment while highlighting the opportunities the area holds for businesses and families in years to come.
During shooting, we used a combination of handheld cameras and panning drone shots. We included shots of area townsfolk, stores in the downtown business districts, industries on the edge of towns, agriculture operations, and its proximity to major interstates.

We couldn’t be happier with the results of this project. The organization loved how the video touched on each element of Dawson County and was complemented by an uplifting tone. The first video was used during a presentation of other area development agencies and received positive response. Since then, we’ve done another series with a neighboring county.These videos will be used in ongoing efforts to promote relocation to the Dawson County area, which is a process that takes several months or even years to achieve. As such, immediate relocations were not the goal or expectation. However, the first video launch garnered over 1800 views on YouTube without any paid promotion. Check out the final products below!


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