Transformation Marketing’s Vision Statement is: “To be the all-encompassing marketing company in the areas we serve.” We want to be able to expand the services we provide for our clients and potential clients so that we become their sole marketing source in order to keep their branding consistent and give them one central agency that they can trust and will provide them with results.

We had a lot of information we wanted to present and we couldn’t use our creative edge while doing it.

Overall our goal was the provide more services for our current clients and for potential clients who were coming to us without a collective marketing strategy.

We wanted to highlight compelling information for each type of marketing in a creative way. Sometimes we find that clients want to add more dynamic approaches to their marketing plan but they want to be involved with making educated decisions when doing so. We felt that creating infographics was a fitting way to present the information that would be an interesting and fun way to tackle that objective.

Lastly, we wanted to showcase our own design ability coupled with how we can convey complicated, dry, or a lot of information in an appealing format. We added a very skilled designer to our team and this was the perfect project to showcase her talents to our clients and prospective clients.

To communicate all the services we offer, we had to include a LOT of information, and a collection of infographics seemed like the obvious way to go. After gathering data and deciding which information was the most important to our clients, our designer began working on the layout of each page. First and foremost we wanted this piece to serve as an education tool for our sales team, specifically to help clients understand the importance of each of our services. However, we also had to make sure the booklet represented Transformation’s brand. Our design team took great care in making sure the color palette, typography, illustrations, and textures remained consistent throughout the entire piece. This helped to not only create a visually consistent product, but also to create a piece that would be simple to follow, whether the viewer is an experienced marketing professional or someone new to the business.

Since infographics are currently a popular way of communicating information, especially if you have quite a bit of information that needs to be communicated, we decided that format would be the best route for this particular project. We picked our top services and put together an infographic for each of them, then created a booklet to showcase them all.

The results for this have been wonderful! The piece itself has been a showcase of what we can do with Graphic Design and with the help of this piece to explain what we do and why it’s important, we have increased the amount of clients we provide 4 or more services to by 29% this last year.

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