Casey Lowe, owner of Studio Byrd Lowe, came to us because her current website at the time was a tad clunky, hard to use, not search engine optimized and not what she wanted to show off her work. In addition, she was getting ready to rebrand and needed a fresh look. These were the challenges that Casey presented us with. However, we faced another challenge internally. Casey just so happened to be a past employee of ours in our Graphic Design department, so we knew what we presented her was going to be under a designer’s eye, which made designing the site much more intimidating and challenging.

We wanted to make sure we delivered Casey a site that was true to her new brand and her taste, user friendly so she could easily change nearly everything on the website as well as stock her sample work and, most importantly, that met her approval design-wise. Our goal was to design a site that blew her out of the water, but was easy for her to change as needed.

We decided that instead of having a designer who was working here when Casey did design the site, we would have our newest designer be the one to work with Casey on her new website. Our thought behind this is that the process would be like any other where we’d meet the client, speak with them about their design needs and tastes and then design the site based on that instead of over-thinking it and going back to past discussions from when she’d worked here previously.

In addition, we took our design and programming for this site to a new level. We had never before designed a Parallax website, but we decided that it was time to do our first one. The site was to be responsive as well, so the Parallax had to look good throughout many different screen sizes. It was going to be a challenge, but we were willing to do it in order to provide the client with a site that would truly “wow” her.

The first time we presented Casey with a sneak peek of her new site, we saw a post on her company Facebook page later that day. It said, “Studio Byrd Lowe’s website is getting a facelift by the talented group of people at Transformation Marketing…. I just got a preview and I am over the moon excited –I can not wait for the site to be launched!!!”

Not only was Casey thrilled with her design, but she is able to update nearly everything on her site without having to mess with code! From the images in the background, to her gallery pages, to her pricing and details of her packages on the beautifully designed, but SEO-friendly pricing pages. We were able to meet all of Casey’s needs while still giving her a site she could fall in love with. That, to us, is the ultimate success.


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