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Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media has opened so many doors for new opportunities, which it is why at Transformation, we focus a good portion of our efforts on developing our clients’ social media accounts. Social media plays a key role in a company’s marketing strategy and can even enhance the communication with their customers. The following explains why […]


5 Approaches to Advertising That Will Make Your Message Mean Something

We’re headed back to the basics this week.  There are several ways to deliver your message through advertising, all of which use a different strategy.  Different appeals are better-suited toward certain ads depending on the message and who its intended audience is.  Let’s look at the various approaches advertisers have been taking since the very […]

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Marketing: Agencies vs. In-House

Being a marketing professional is pretty awesome, and part of the awesomeness is that we’ve got endless options. There really is a place for everyone in the marketing world−from graphic design to creative strategy to analytics. And what’s more is that we have the choice to do our marketing thing in various settings. That’s right, […]