A boy and a girl diving at the same time into a pool with a digital tablet form. Near the side of the pool, a girl reads in a digital tablet and another girl speak on the phone.

How ACR will Change the Advertising World

With the internet continuing to evolve, some of the “old ways” of advertising are becoming obsolete. Take print and television ads for example. Many newspapers have ditched their delivery schedules and moved their content online, prompting advertisers to do the same. With the popularity of dynamic creative optimization (DCO), marketers are better able to reach […]

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The Truth about Brand Documentaries

When one hears the term documentary, we often think of real-life video storytelling of endangered animals, war, hunger or other social issues or historical events. But documentaries can also take on a more light-hearted approach. Brand documentaries, in particular, strive to tell true, compelling stories of regular people in order to promote a company, corporation, […]