Papa John's Tune in Tuesday

First quarter this year, we were seeing a bit of a plateau in our engagement for our Papa John’s pages in Lincoln and Omaha. One of our ongoing challenges with this client and their campaigns is creating a fun, engaging, and local feel (as the franchise owner is a local business owner just like we are) for a national brand. To accomplish this, and buck this flat engagement trend, we needed to add some fun, local content that people would be enticed to interact with.

Our solution? Tune in Tuesday! What is Tune in Tuesday? A weekly contest that gave our Papa John’s Facebook followers a 2 second clip of a song. The listeners had to guess the song based on the clip and one of the lucky pizza and music lovers who guessed the song correctly won a free pizza each week! To keep it engaging and aesthetically pleasing, we put together a fun animation that went with the new tune each week.

In 3 months, our videos got an average of over 700 views per week with an average of 30 comments per week, boosting engagement and awareness for the local Papa John’s market. For over a year, these videos served the page well, gaining amazing interaction week after week and creating a fun culture for all of our local page followers!





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