One of our largest goals with Papa John’s is to connect with the local markets to help show that the Papa John’s locations in Omaha and Lincoln are locally owned and operated. We need to continue the corporate message of “Better Ingredients- Better Pizza” and show, in a fun way, how to make the message stick locally.

With this particular campaign, we needed to show people why Papa John’s Pizza is the freshest and best pizza around. We also wanted our approach to boost the local YouTube views. We needed to create a memorable campaign that would engage the viewers and entice them to connect and watch more.

This video series was about uses for frozen dough. The idea behind the video campaign is that Papa John’s doesn’t use the frozen dough to make their pizza, so we would show what Papa John’s recommends viewers could use frozen dough for since using it to make pizza is absurd. But of course, writing, casting, filming and editing the videos is only half the battle. Each video was a mini production movie or long form commercial.

Secondly, gaining the YouTube views was essential. We selected the “Bob Ross” inspired video as the anchor video for the entire campaign. We made a 30″ x 48″ poster using a photo of the actor taken during the video shoot, added a QR code directed to the YouTube video, and hung them in each of the 11 local locations. We also released each video in the series on the local social media accounts (4 Facebook pages, 2 Twitter accounts, and the website).

The video we spotlighted on the poster in stores received over 6,000 views in the first two months and an additional 1,000 upload views on the rest of the videos on their local YouTube channel in that time. In addition, sales during this time sales were increased over last year by 11%.


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