We are excited and honored to have been a part of the Nebraska Safety Council’s “Motorcycle Awareness” campaign this year. Our team always loves campaigns like this that raise awareness and can truly touch so many lives and make such a difference in our community. The campaign started in May, which is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and ran through August. With the use of billboards in Lincoln and Omaha areas and a statewide social media campaign, we raised awareness on motorcycle safety all summer.

In preparation for the campaign, we designed their billboard and designed 25 social media graphics. Although we were not originally contracted to write the posts as well, some changes in their company guided them to ask us to assist in the content writing for the campaign as well. Once the campaign started, we also ran ads for the campaign, promoting those posts to gain them more traction.

In May alone, the social media posts reached over 11,000 people and helped build their page’s engagement and page likes. We were so excited about all the growth we were able to see on their Drive Smart Nebraska page! We had estimated that the campaign would receive approximately 2,000,000 impressions. Although the campaign was cut about 2 weeks short due to changes in the organization, the campaign still received well over 1,900,000 impressions and we are confident would have exceeded that 2,000,000 mark if it would have run the full course. 





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