Liberty Arms is a new gun and ammo store in Lincoln. They needed to announce the new store and attract a wide range of clientele into the physical location and win them over with a unique store and “over the top” customer service, to become regular and loyal customers. As a part of a full marketing campaign that included TV we found a few challenges. We learned that many networks will not run commercials that show or mention guns due to Network regulations. Never backing down from a challenge we were faced with the task of creating an advertisement that would be allowed on television, yet convey their products all while not showing or saying what they sell! Game on!

We were going to have to get creative. Instead of feeling defeated or irritated, we welcomed the challenge. This was going to be one of the greatest obstacles we’d faced in creating a commercial and we were going to make sure we would succeed. We had to come up with a clever commercial that demands attention while still being allowed to air.

We decided to take it to a new level by waiving our 1st amendment right by censoring a commercial that supports our 2nd amendment right. By doing this, we were able to get right to the point to create a humorous, entertaining commercial that was accepted on the cable networks of our choice. We selected very specific shows that were all about guns and changed up the commercial to specifically run in that show and speak to that audience all while pointing out the irony of the FCC rules towards advertisers.

The owner has told us several times how many calls he’s gotten about the ad. He said, “I’ve liked a lot of commercials in my day, but never have I been compelled to pick up the phone or send an email to the company to let them know how much I enjoyed it. I can’t tell you how many calls and emails I’ve gotten about the commercial you put together for us.” Not only were we able to create an ad for them that could air, we were able to create one that got a great deal of attention and feedback as well. They have had shoppers in the store buying products and liking their brand. That is a major win! On top of that, during the time their commercial ran, they also gained over 150 fans on Facebook without the use of ads.


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