Screen capture of i-Legal's new homepage

When done correctly, websites can bring a client’s product to the forefront, giving potential customers all the right impressions and information before they purchase, explaining the problem the product solves their problems or pain points and leading them through the buying process. With that in mind, we were excited to do our part in promoting i-Legal’s unique product. Jay, the owner and creator of i-View by i-legal, had had success in promoting his product in his local area of Colorado but wanted help getting the product out to the world on a larger scale. 

Through collaboration with our entire team, we were able to update the company’s website with up-to-date functions and a cohesive look, as well as create a great user experience that reflects the power and ease-of-use of their product. The new logo and graphics created by our design team have lead to great branding opportunities for i-Legal that will only continue to grow. Along with the website and new look for i-legal, we were also honored to do a short online marketing campaign for them. With a small budget, we were able to do an email campaign as well as some social media promotion to jump start traffic to Jay’s new website, getting the word out about this amazing product he has to offer the legal industry! 

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