Purchasing a business and its inventory means you’ve also purchased two outdated, poorly functioning websites. The client at Elegant Occasions renovated the interior of the store and wanted all of her marketing materials to reflect that fresh and clean look. Elegant Occasions sells bridal gowns, formals, prom, and homecoming dresses, so the website needed to appeal to a wide range of ages from mother of the bride to the 16-year-old girl attending her first formal dance.

The client needed a user-friendly, well-designed, and web-optimized site that would reflect the style of her bridal boutique. She wanted a site that looked different from her competitors, aiming to be as unique as her personality and her store. Her design request? Match the color of her newly renovated boutique and use a bright color palette to complement it.

When we first heard her request, our professional opinion was that it might be a tad much for a bridal website. Putting our creative energies to use, we created a design idea of “glass discs.” You might see champagne bubbles reflecting the beauty of your special day or glass windows in which you can view your upcoming senior prom. They give the site a look that is both elegant and whimsical at the same time. Texturing the background with “glitter” brought all of the design elements together.

Creating content that is engaging to the reader yet optimized for Google was our next challenge. Two months after launching the Elegant Occasions website, Google indexed the site and showed that the boutique was gaining momentum. Elegant Occasions was indexed #1 by Google, Google Places and Bing Local and #3 on Bing for “Bridal Gowns Lincoln, NE”. They ranked # 2 on Google Places and Bing, #3 on Bing Local, and #4 on Google for “Wedding Dress Lincoln, NE”. Prior to our website redesign, Elegant Occasions did not even appear on the 1st or 2nd page of Google. They saw great progress in a short period of time, showing the importance of web optimization practices in content writing.


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