Contemporary Woods is a unique business that handcrafts custom furniture for home and office. They are the only craftsman of this nature within a 75-mile radius of Lincoln, NE. In April of 2014, Contemporary Woods was planning on moving to a new location at the end of the month. They needed to get rid of some inventory leading up to that in order to eliminate some extra work during their move.

Our challenge at Transformation Marketing was to help them move as much inventory as possible and increase sales before the big move. This way, we could avoid a down month while everyone waited for Contemporary Woods to get settled into their new location. We needed to create a marketing strategy that would do this for them and ensure a great number of people would be reached in a short amount of time.

We decided that television would be the best route to meet our objectives in this case. So, the team at Transformation sat down at the drawing table and began working on commercial ideas that would catch people’s attention and help drive customers to their store. We had recently done an internal talent search, looking for new and fresh television and radio talent, and as soon as the script was written, we knew exactly which one of those new actors we wanted to use in this commercial.

Our videographer/production editor nailed the script, the coaching, and the editing, as well as our actor, who knocked his part out of the ballpark. We were very excited about the outcome of the commercial, and so was the client. After the moving sale was all said and done, Contemporary Woods had moved quite a bit of inventory – $25,000 more than they typically move in the same amount of time. In fact, it was a 25% increase!

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